• Because we love JavaScript, because we care how it's done and because we believe that JavaScript programming can be a much more civilized, pleasant and interesting process.

    There are much more people working with JavaScript than just web-designers and front-side developers. Majority of server-side developers are also involved in JavaScript programming one way or another. And this produces a demand for tools that will be comfortable and natural to use for everyone.

    Tools that feel right no matter what you do and what your experience is.

  • RightJS is all about complexity control that allows you to do your job the way you think it's right in any given circumstances.

    On one side it has very simple syntax that allows you to deal with simple things in simple way. If you're just a web-designer it has all the usual things in a simple and predictable API, flavored with many shortcuts and syntax sugar.

    On the other side RightJS provides extensive OOP and FP features, JavaScript core extensions, kick-ass dom-wrappers with inheritance and lots and lots of other things that will make any seasoned professional to perform at his best.

  • RightJS is a modular JavaScript framework. It has a very skiny (15k gzipped) core that has all the standard features, like dom-manipulation, animation, forms, cookies, events handling and so on.

    But the core in RightJS is not just a closed monolith, on the contrary, it is an open structure, much like Ruby or Python. It provides you with an environment and basic building blocks, which you can reuse, patch, bend and hack, making the core itself fit your application.

    And boy it's fast!

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