Recent News

2012-03-30 Dialog And Calendar Updates

Hi everyone! We have a couple of minor updates in RightJS UI

  • Dialog widget received a fix for proper ajax support in safe-mode
  • Calendar received a fix for the grid mode when it duplicated months in some cases

That's all. Enjoy!

2012-03-16 RightJS 2.3.1 And Other Patches

Hey everyone, we have a new set of minor fixes for RightJS core, ui and plugins.

RightJS core was bumped to version 2.3.1 also there is a bunch of bug fixes and updates in the UI and Plugins. See the full news for the changelog

2012-01-20 Touch Screen Support

Great news everyone!

I got an iPad for Christmas, so you get the touch-screens support for all UI and Plugins! :)

See the full news for the list of updated modules

2011-11-06 RightJS 2.3.0 Is Released

My dear fellas, it's been a while, but RightJS 2.3.0 is finally here!

RightJS 2.3.0 is the next major update of the framework, there are new features, fixes and all sorts of updates on Plugins and UI modules.

See the full news for the change log.

2011-04-14 RightRails 1.2.1 With RRTE Support

RightRails the RubyOnRails module for RightJS was just updated with the RightJS RTE support.

RightRails Demo Application also was updated with an example of usage

2011-04-14 RightJS RTE Released!

The RightJS RTE, or as we know it RRTE, has finally been released into the wild!

It is frameless, small (just 10k gzipped) and designed to be used in social networks instead of normal textareas. Don't miss it!

See the documentation and demo

2011-04-04 RightRails 1.2.0 With Tags Support

The RightRails plugin (ruby on rails support module) was just updated with all the recent RightJS core and plugin builds, plus now it has the tags_field helper to automatically create fancy tag fields for you.

2011-04-03 Tags Widget

We have got a new widget on the list! This time it's a simpleTags widget that will help you create fancy looking tags input fields.

Check the documentation and a simple demo!