RightJS 2.3.0 Is Released

My dear fellas, it's been a while, but RightJS 2.3.0 is finally here!

RightJS 2.3.0 is the next major update of the framework, there are new features, fixes and all sorts of updates in Plugins and UI modules.

RightJS Core

  • JSON plugin was merged into the core. Those days JSON format is a vital part of web-applications, and because of that the plugin was merged into the core, so that you could enjoy the standard JSON functionality on any browsers
  • Element#data method was added (thanks to Arkady https://github.com/pyromaniac). This method provides standard HTML5 datasets access feature that available in all browsers. See the API documentation for examples
  • Element#set method doesn't put 'data-' attributes in the instance anymore (kudos to Jakub Pawlowicz)
  • Form#values now parses name[smth] attributes into a proper nested object structure
  • BUTTON elements support fix for old IE browsers (thanks to Claus Klingberg @cjk)
  • Number#to method was added. (kudos to Rafaël Blais Masson @rafBM)
  • String#dasherized method was added
  • Fx module now uses the CSS3 cubic-bezier notation for the transition option by default
  • Cookie now transparently import/export data in JSON format, so you can save objects and arrays in cookies
  • Xhr now handles the X-JSON headers and automatically extracts JSON data from there. (thanks to Oleg Ivanov @morphekil)
  • Xhr extracts JSON data on 'complete' instead of 'success'
  • Object#toQueryString now handles nested objects of any depth
  • isNumber(NaN) now returns false
  • Smooth window scrolling fix

Plugin And UI Updates

  • Calendar now supports the highlight option where you can specify a list of dates you want to be highlighted in the calendar
  • Slider now supports two handle configurations to work with ranges
  • RTEE was updated with several bug-fixes
  • Rails Support module was updated with several important fixes and the data-disable-with attributes support (thanks to Alexander Dryzhuk https://github.com/amdest)

RightJS CDN is also was updated. The right-rails gem will be updated shortly as well.

This about it I think. Also thanks to everyone who is not mentioned in the change log but came up with ideas and bug reports, your feedback really helps!