RightJS 2.3.1 And Other Patches

Hey everyone, we have a new set of minor fixes for RightJS core, ui and plugins.

RightJS core was bumped to version 2.3.1 also there is a bunch of bug fixes and updates in the UI and Plugins.

  • Element#text method received a fix for the case when it returned null from empty elements in Firefox
  • Form#input method was updated in order to handle radio buttons properly. Now if your form has several radio buttons with the same name attribute, this method will return an Array of Input fields for those buttons
  • Autocompleter, Calendar and Colorpicker widgets were updated with a fix that makes them properly fire the show/hide events
  • Drag'n'Drop module was updated with a fix, which allows draggables to be initiated on a left button click only, so that the context menus wasn't blocked anymore
  • jQuerysh plugin was updated to emulate jQuery.noConflict() calls (kudos to Christian Tellnes
  • Romanian i18n module was added (kudos to Andrei Tofan)

All the updates are available here at rightjs.org, also on our CDN hosting and in the freshly updated ruby-on-rails plugin