RightJS v1.4.2 And RightJS Goods Start

Version 1.4.2 is the next minor release with fixes and some small features.

The changelog is following:

  • Form unit behavior fixes
  • Form#remotize spinners autodiscovery feature. Now if your form has an element with class spinner inside you don't need to specify it as a spinner for the form with options. The remotize method will automatically find it for you /**
    * <form id="my-form">
    * <input type="submit"/>
    * <img src="/images/spinner.gif" class="spinner"/>
    * </form>

    $('my-form').remotize(); // will automatically assign the spinner
    // you can switch it off by sending null as the spinner option
    $('my-form').remotize({spinner: null});
  • Form.addMethods feature will let you register additional methods to the form elements
  • Form.Element.addMethods feature will let you register additional method for the form input elements only
  • Event.addMethods feature for the Event unit extending
  • Xhr.IFramed response reading fixes
  • Xhr.load now uses 'GET' method by default
  • Xhr global spinners handling fix
  • Xhr.Options.spinnerFx option.You can us it to switch off visual effects that Xhr uses to handle the spinners or change them for another ones Xhr.Options.spinnerFx = null; // don't use Fx on spinners
    Xhr.Options.spinnerFx = 'slide'; // use slides instead of fades
  • Fx.Morph faster styles calculations
  • Fx spped fix. Now effects have the same speed in IE
  • Fx.Morph to css-class functionality moved for goods
  • String regexps usage optimization

RightJS Goods Start

It took some time and additional thoughts and releases, but now eventually I'm rolling it out. There are not much for the beginning, but lets hope it will grow over the time.

This is it. Have fun!