Supported Browsers

RightJS is meant to be working with all modern as well as some old browsers still in use.

It was tested to work with the following browsers

  • Firefox versions >= 1.5
  • Safari versions >= 3
  • Google Chrome all versions
  • Internet Explorer versions >=6
  • Opera version >= 9.25
  • Konqueror versions >= 3.5.10

Quirks Mode

To make RightJS work correctly with styles and dimensions on Internet Explorer and Opera browsers you have to specify the document type description on your page. For example:

<!DOCTYPE html>

For more details about available DTDs, please visit the wiki page

RightJS has no intention to fix the nonstandard quirks mode behavior.

The Old Browsers

RightJS tries to concentrate its efforts on modern browsers. While it provides basic support for browsers like IE 6 and Konq 3, such old browsers have low priority when it comes to performance optimization and specific browser problems patching.