Fx.Slide is a basic visual effect to work with sliding elements. It is a bidirectional effect and thus can work both ways in and out. It also supports a toggle mode which automatically decides the direction depending on the current style of the element.


By default this effect will slide the element in from or out to the top edge of the element. But the effect can run in any direction specified by the 'direction' key along with the constructor options. Alternatively you can define the default value for all slides by assigning the Fx.Slide.Options.direction variable one of the following values:

  • ‘top’ (default)
  • ‘left’
  • ‘right’
  • ‘bottom’



top ↑start

start([String how]) -> Fx.Slide self


Starts the effect. May take an argument like in, out or toggle.


new Fx.Slide(element).start();

new Fx.Slide(element).start('in');
new Fx.Slide(element).start('out');