By default RightJS comes in two files. One of them is the actual core, which works for all the modern browsers while the other one is a dynamically loadable module with patches for old browsers (older than IE8, FF 3.5, Opera 10.10 and all Konqs).

Standard Builds
Server Side
Hot Link
All In One

Two-Files Build Usage Principles

  1. Copy both the core and the old browsers support module files into your JavaScript directory.

  2. Include the core file as usual:

    <script src="where/it/is/right.js"></script>
  3. Don’t worry about the olds file, RightJS will automatically load it when needed.

  4. Make sure the file names remain as follows:



RightJS has it’s own CDN Server where you can hot link all the recent builds of the core and plugins. It is hosted at google’s host and powered by their app-engine.

Custom Build

By default RightJS comes with several plugins like advanced form handling, cookies and so on already baked in. You can switch things you don’t use off and thus reduce the size of build.

Custom Build Page

Server-Side Build

RightJS is also available as a server-side library. In this case it contains only the native JavaScript unit extensions and the Class, Observer, Options units along with all the non-DOM utility functions from the Util module.

Our server-side build follows the CommonJS principles and is ready for use with the node.js framework.

GitHub Repository

The original source code of the project can be found on Github:

git clone git://


RightJS is an open-source project.

All the source code are released under the terms of the MIT-License.

All the documentation on this site is released under the Creative Commons 3 license