If you are interested in the project development, there are some structure descriptions and suggestions where you might help.

The project by itself is divided on several major blocks, each has its own repository at a github account and developed mostly separately from the others.

RightJS Core

Core is the central block and a holly caw of the project. It contains the basic engine and meant to keep the most common functionality, upon which we can grow plugins and other additional features.

You’re pretty much welcome with bug-fixes and performance optimizations for the block. You also can suggest new features, but keep in mind that all the suggestions will be judged by their size and desire for 99% of users.

If you have a good new feature, you might better suggest it for the RightJS Plugins project

RightJS Plugins

Plugins is a collection of officially supported plugins and extensions for RightJS Core. It contains all the standard extensions, like JSON, Dragn’n’Drop, etc. Things that most people use but which they don’t need in 99% of cases.

All the plugins are available as standalone blocks on this list RightJS Plugins and you also have them as options at the custom builds page

Feel free to suggest and submit new plugins in there. Anything practical is welcome.

RightJS UI

UI is a collection of user-interface related plugins and widgets. And it also pretty much opened for new stuff.

In this subproject we need help with internationalization modules. Some of them are incomplete, some need verification and some of them don’t exist. So if know any language, which is not English or Russian, please check it out, I’d appreciate help with that.

Another way to participate in the project is to work on visual themes for widgets. Currently widgets have some minimalistic simple styles, but there is a plan to build a collection of standalone visual themes for them. So if you are an artist, or kinda an artist and you are interested in this kind of things, please contact me and we will figure out what to do about that.

RightJS Home

Home is a simple ruby-on-rails project that contains basically documentation, tutorials and some demo pages.

I’m not a native English speaker and still do mistakes here and there. So you could really help with spellchecking of the documentation. And we are also looking for translators to support documentation on other languages.