RightJS Philosophy

JavaScript is the most widely used programming language in those days. But it is also the most hated one. Which is kinda sucks, because we are doomed to deal with client-side scripting in the nearest future.

And that brings us to the idea of RightJS.

Why Do We Do That?

RightJS is not about some super-duper features, it’s not about writing less or writing better either. RightJS is all about making the developer happy. It is about getting rid of the dirty JavaScript hackery as much as possible. It is about making JavaScript development a civilized and controllable process.

How Do We Do That?

RightJS takes its inspiration in things like Ruby and Rails. And just like Ruby or Rails, RightJS is very simple and casual in everyday use. It has a standard and mostly familiar API, and it offers lots of shortcuts, syntax sugar and handy features.

But, RightJS is also very powerful when you need to implement something serious. It provides a fully featured consistent OOP environment, shared modules, OOP dom-wrappers, uniformed events handling, and so on and so on. Everything a full grown developer needs.

What Do We Have?

We have a very tiny and blazingly fast RightJS core that doesn’t force you to get the things done one way or another. You always have a choice, use procedural, object-oriented or functional approach, and do that in a clean, civilized way.

That is what makes RightJS a tool that feels right.