Casting Plugin

Casting is a plugin that allows an advanced dynamic typecasting features for RightJS dom-wrappers.

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top ↑Basic Idea

By default, RightJS allows you to register new dom-wrappers for elements with specific tags. For example

Element.Wrappers.TABLE = new Class(Element, {
sort: function() {
// sort the table rows

After that, every time you access or create a table element, it will use your new dom-wrapper.

var table1 = new Element('table');
var table2 = $('some-table-id');

table1 instanceof Element.Wrappers.TABLE; // -> true
table2 instanceof Element.Wrappers.TABLE; // -> true

This plugin allows you to register new types not just for elements with a specific tag name, but with an ID or a class name as well, for example

var BlueElement = Element.Wrappers.set(
'.blue', new Class(Element, {...})

var GreenElement = Element.Wrappers.set(
'.green', new Class(Element, {...})

var ThatDiv = Element.Wrappers.set(
'div#that', new Class(Element, {...})

// ...

After that, whenever you access an element that match a given rule it will automatically wrapped in a dom-wrapper class you had specified.

top ↑Allowed CSS Rules

This plugin allows you to use the following types of css rules with the Element.Wrappers.set method

  • ‘tag’
  • ‘#some-id’
  • ‘.class-name’
  • ‘tag#some-id’
  • ‘tag.class-name’

NOTE: this plugin doesn’t support all the css selectors, just those ones!

top ↑API Reference

There are the following methods appear at the Element.Wrappers object

set(String css_rule, Class wrapper)registers a custom dom-wrapper
get(String css_rule)finds the wrapper by a css-rule
get(Class wrapper)finds a list of css-rules for a wrapper
has(String css_rule)checks if there is a wrapper for this rule
has(Class wrapper)checks if this wrapper is registered
remove(String css_rule)Removes a wrapper by a css-rule
remove(Class wrapper)Unregisters a certain wrapper