JSON Support

WARNING! this module was merged into the RightJS core since version 2.3.0

This module provides the standard JSON import/export functionality, plus some additional features

NOTE: this module uitilizes browser’s native JSON format support if it is available

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top ↑JSON Encoding And Decoding

The basic JSON import/export works through the standard interface like this.

JSON.stringify([1,2,3]); // -> '[1,2,3]'

JSON.parse('[1,2,3]'); // -> [1,2,3]

The JSON.stringify method also watches if an object provides the toJSON method and if so then uses it to export given object into a json string. There are also two aliases available for those methods, that used in some other libraries

JSON.encode([1,2,3]); // -> '[1,2,3]'

JSON.decode('[1,2,3]'); // -> [1,2,3]

top ↑Better Xhr JSON Check

By default the Xhr module checks the json responses consistency with a simplified procedure. If you need something better then include this module and all the xhr requests will be checked by the full check procedure defined at json.org.

top ↑Cookie Extension

By default the Cookie module works with strings only. If you include this module then the Cookie class will automatically export/import the incoming data through the JSON encoder, and you will be able transparently save arrays and objects into cookies.

Cookie.set('my-options', {width: 100, height: '200px'});

Cookie.get('my-options'); // -> {width: 100, height: '200px'}