Key Events

This is a very simple plugin that provides pretty event names for keyboard events.

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top ↑Usage Basics

The usage is pretty simple, just hook up one of the javascript file shown above and after that you’ll be able to do things like that

$('my-element').on('esc', function() {
// handle Esc button in here

$(document).on('enter', function() {
// handle the Enter button

$(document).on('ctrl+z', ....);
$(document).on('ctrl-shift-z', ....);

$(document).on('Ctrl+Alt+Delete', function() {
console.log("Good times, good times...");

You can specify a key name with or without modifier(s) and your handler will be called only when that specified keyboard combination was triggered.

top ↑Key Names

For key names, you can use any letter from a to z or a number, or any of the following predefined names

  • backspace
  • tab
  • enter
  • esc
  • space
  • pageup
  • pagedown
  • end
  • home
  • left
  • up
  • right
  • down
  • insert
  • delete

Use any letters case you like, works any way

top ↑Modifiers List

Modifiers can be one of the following

  • 'ctrl' or 'ctl'
  • 'alt' or 'meta'
  • 'shift'

You can join modifiers and key names via spaces, dashes or the + symbol, for example

'ctrl z'
'ctrl+shift-alt z'

Works either way.