Delays And Timers

There are several additional features, which will help you to deal with various delays and periodical calls. Basically those are wraps over the native window.setInterval and window.setTimeout functions that will let you write nicer and easier to read and support code.

top ↑Creating Delays

There is nothing simpler than creating delayed and periodical calls in RightJS. For this purpose the Function unit has two methods delay and periodical, so whenever you have a function you can call those methods with a delay in milliseconds and you’re good to go

var callback = function() {
// .....

// delay the call at 1 second

// call it periodically every 2 seconds

You also can use currying with your delays and periodical calls

var timer = function(message) {

timer.delay(100, '100 ms passed');
timer.delay(200, '200 ms passed');
timer.delay(300, '300 ms passed');

In this case RightJS will call the callback function in the given time with given arguments, which in some cases is extremely useful

top ↑Canceling Delays

The same way as window.setInterval and window.setTimeout, delay and periodical methods return markers, which you can use to cancel the delayed or periodical calls.

var marker = my_function.delay(100);


var marker = my_function.periodical(100);


But in RightJS markers are also objects and have nice methods to cancel delays and stop periodical calls, like that:

var timer = my_function.delay(100);


var timer = my_function.periodical(100);


This way it is much more readable and easier to handle.