Right Autocompleter Demo

This is a demo page for the Autocompelter feature

top ↑Simple Example

Pick up some programming language via ajax

the code looks like that

new Autocompleter('remote-auto-field', {
url: '/ui/autocompleter/languages/%{search}.js'

Same thing locally

the script

new Autocompleter('local-auto-field', {
local: ["Ruby", "Python", "Java", "JavaScript"]

top ↑Auto-Initialized Fields

You might have the same result as above with auto initialized fields like this

the script

<input type="text" class="demo-field"
data-autocompleter="{url: '/ui/autocompleter/languages/%{search}.js'}" />

the same thing with a list of local options

source code

<input type="text" class="demo-field"
data-autocompleter="{local: ['Ruby', 'Python', 'Java', 'JavaScript']}" />