Right tooltips is the native tooltips feature for RightJS.

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All the source code of the project is available under terms of the MIT license

For some standard usage examples see the demo page


top ↑Usage Basics

There is nothing special about it. You just include the source file

<script src="/javascripts/right-tooltips.js"></script>

Then specify the data-tooltip attribute on your elements where you want the tooltips to appear and RightJS will generate them when the page is loaded

top ↑Options List

There are some options you can customize

fxName‘fade’the appearance fx name
fxDuration400the visual effect duration
delay400the tooltip appearance delay
idSuffix‘-tooltip’the tooltip ids suffix
cssRule‘[data-tooltip]’automatically initializeable tooltips rule
movetruea marker if the tooltip should be moving with the mouse

In order to change the options alter the Tooltip.Options object, like this

$ext(Tooltip.Options, {
delay: 200,
fxname: null

top ↑Style Adjustments

The tooltip elements have the following simple structure

<div class="rui-tooltip">
<div class="rui-tooltip-arrow"></div>
<div class="rui-tooltip-container">
// your data is here

If the original element has an id attribute then related tooltip will have similar id with the -tooltip suffix, so that you could style it separately if you need.